The ravines

TheMasseria Crocco is located in a unique hillyplace, surrounded by a large natural and cultivated space. For acres and acres there are vineyards, fruit trees and the ravines – a geological wonder which creates an open-air museum.

These deep grooves in the clay soil are the result of centuries of erosion of the soil by the waters on clay rocks, along the side of a mountain or a hill – as is the case with the ravines of Montalbano Jonico (Matera).

The Lucani Ravines in the eastern part of Basilicata are a beauty gifted by the sea in distant geological eras. Today the ravines are natural sculptures, with canyons and pinnacles, all waiting to be discovered with wonder…

The Ionian coast

The coast overlooking the Ionian Sea is the part of Basilicata in the province of Matera, which runs from from Metaponto to the areas bordering Apulia and Calabria.
The coastal strip offers fine sandy beaches and dunes, in a wild environment, rich in Mediterranean plants, backed up by bathing establishments and useful services for lovers of sailing and sport fishing.
While the coast has well-known tourist resorts like Policoro and Metaponto, the hinterland is an intensively cultivated area with vineyards, olive groves and orchards.
Among the many farms, our farm is one where wines and agricultural products of excellent quality are produced, genuine and tasty.


History and nature have been intertwined for centuries,
in an area which is unique and always alive.
A land which creates a new contact with our ancient civilisation.

Our land


The Lucanian Ravines
a real natural museum

The Masseria is waiting for you in the Natural Reserve of the Ravines, one of the three sites around the world which are candidates for the Golden Spike, in Basilicata. Known around the world for their geological uniqueness and beauty...

300 m above sea level

Our land extends for about 60 hectares, cultivated with drupes, olive trees and vines. The clay nature of the land gives our wines special qualities: rich in taste, intense, structured, long-lived.

The Tramontana effect, fresh mountain wind

Our vines always benefit from the solar cycle, to have correct and balanced lighting. But that's not enough: the secret is in the air. The Tramontana, the fresh mountain wind, keeps the humidity at bay and makes the wines unique.

Fertile soil

Basilicata is the most important producer of strawberries in Italy; the soil is great for cultivating fruit, vegetables, grainand olive groves. There is no shortage of ethical farming.
We’ve selected the best suppliers, who over the years have become an integral part of our company.

Excursions and tours
of Basilicata


For years we’ve been visited by customers from all over Italy and from every part of the world and that’s why, as well as providing tourist information, we organise hiking and cycling trips, as well as guided visits with associations, local authorities and tour operators to visit our beautiful Region.